Friday, October 24, 2008


Oftentimes, I see myself contented. I don’t need so much, what I have is enough.I don’t want to be selfish, so I meant to be happy by giving half myself to others and the other half to my creator.

Sometimes, I see myself a failure. My way of saying words to others, when I’m angry; my despairing thoughts; my foolishness; my demanding self towards love, caring, belongingness, etc.

At times, I see myself as a person. With a heart to love, understand, and feel what is bound to be felt; with a keen mind to think what is due for me-being a lovely creature on earth; with a soul to know that I’m existing.

But now is the time, I see myself –as a very strong person. Despiteof my carelessness, I felt glorified to be alive. I believe something great is gonna happen and is waiting for me. I expect good things to come along.

Because despite of loosing you, I gained. I admit that the trust I’ve for you seems to lessen. But the love I’m feeling is still burning. I do cherish you still, eventhough you’ve caused me hurt and tears.

I have loved you always. Trust is 100% of being inlove. I cared so much–that I forgot how to hear my heart’s desire for myself.

You are my star. The light of my life. You are my strength. I’m very much alive with my thoughts of you lingered each moment. You are my man; my dreams are so vivid as you in person.

Now your’e gone. I never knew that : right from the start, you are not meant for me. If I new then that I’ll lose you, I’ll still love you. Yes, but from a distance.

I love you but not in a selfish way. I let go of you, because I wanted you to be happy. Much happier. You must go. Don’t worry, I’ll be right here, patiently waiting. For you.

You know me. I could wait. I have practice the art of patience. I have been waiting for you. You came along. I taught I will never lose you again. But I failed. And now, I still have to wait.

Only for you. Two years. Three years. Only time can or will tell…When will be the last year before you and me. Only time will tell…If you are for me. Just in case our roads crossed, we might just smile and say goodbye. I might stare; You might pretend.

Whatever we’ll do, just remember that I was that one lass; whom you promised tomorrow. Whom you promised everything.

I was that one lass: Who believes in you. Who gave you everything without asking for something in return. Who felt being rejected–when you chose one thing over me.

I was that one lass : who could only love you unselfishly. Understand you wholly and been a crazy one to wait for you no matter what it takes.


Oftentimes, I missed you.

Sometimes, I’ve seen you.

At times, I need to see you.

But now is the time— to accept that I’ve lost you.


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