Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to Basic

When my hubby and I are sitting for breakfast or snack, there are a lot of things that we talked about. Our two cuties, adorable and bright kids, our love story, our personal lives- aside and apart from our family life, etc.
That is, if he's got more time before work or there isn't much traffic on that particular day.
At breakfast table today, we talked about how amazing it is to wake up with your whole self intact.
Few of us really appreciate the things that are given to us by the Almighty Father in Heaven. For instance, did we thank Him this morning for the eyes that we have to see the beautiful things around us?
When somebody would approach you and buy your eyes for, say, 10 Billion dollars, will you sell it to that person?
No, of course not!
How can we be able to see with out your eyes?
That is how important our eyes to us. But few of us really realized this fact.
Simplicity is the key here. Our senses guides us through the day. We are able to admire, see, be fully aware of what's around us.
Come to think of it : I remember some advertisement meant to say about a vitamin some popular personalities are endorsing with the line : " I want to be complete. "
Well, I guess, you don't have to take anything to be complete. Because, with your own self, with your senses, you are already complete.
Take it for instance, our sense of hearing- let us listen, be conscious of the sound on the background. If not for our ears, we might get hurt while crossing the street, or how can we listen and appreciate our favorite music?
Could we possibly understand the things our beloved family and friends are saying? I guess not.
And what about our sense of smell; have we any idea how essential it is to us?
We may not distinguish a spoiled food from the fresh ones. Oh, how could we ever smell our favorite perfume or flowers, perhaps?
So many things to think of, but our simple utter of thanks lets us get back from the beginning, where, only simple things like this are worth our apprehension. This is also going back to the basic. Where nothing really matters to us, but what the Creator has given, and that we are more than glad about it, we praise and we give Him our Salutations!
Yes, that is something to talk about over breakfast.
Because while we are at it, I have this pleasure of hearing his voice, soothing and smooth, easy to listen to, seeing his eyes, always kind, eager to see me. The scent of him...that is thrilling and teasing. Lovely!
To top it all, I realized, that even with these few scars that I have, the flaws and my imperfections, those things that I don't have and lack thereof... I am trully blessed. Because I have all my senses intact and all functioning all right.
So, by the morrow, when you wake up, before you get off from bed, be sure to give thanks and smile.
Be grateful that you are alive and complete.


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